Monday, May 31, 2010

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The School gets a new Assembly Hall and more...

In a few months, God willing, construction will start on additional buildings for the school. There will be new Assembly/Main Hall, an administration building, a new female hostel block and warden house.

I don't want to reveal yet the committee's plan concerning this development, though since nobody reads this blog I'm sure the secret's safe anyway, but there has been negative reaction from some alumni.

Mostly due to the placement of the new hall i.e on the hockey field. There will be no field replacement for now. The admin block will also destroy the basketball/volleyball courts and the takraw courts. Two gazebos/wakaf are in the firing line. Not to mention those wonderful trees.

Should we lodge a protest letter? Fat lot of good that'll do us.

I do feel we need to do something.

I have some ideas.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Why is it so hard to galvanize the alumni?

Sometimes I wonder why there seems to be so little interest in the activities of the Alumni. It's not as if people don't care about the school. They spent 5 years growing up there, so it must mean something to them.

And most alumni I've met are full of memories of the school. They loved the time they spent there. And they love the school.

Whenever I see how enthusiastic budak koleq are, and how dedicated some of the ANSARA can be, I wonder if it is the culture of SBPs that bred this seemingly apathetic generation of students. But how can that be when the majority of the early batches are still so fond of their school. In any gathering, with just a little encouragement, the 70s and early 80s seniors would easily outnumber the juniors. In fact, the juniors are almost non-existent. For a couple of years, I used to be the youngest in any of those gatherings.

I'm still the youngest in the committee....

I've been trying to instill this school spirit in the juniors still at school. But that fruit won't be ripe for a decade at least.

Why is this culture of uncaring and non-volunteerism so strong? It is really a Terengganu people trait? To be disdainful of any good causes. To not care a hoot about social endeavours. To bring down others who try to do anything just for the love of it.

Once I received an email from a junior. I keep sending out reminders and pleas to all those whose email adds I have so they'd send back their names and SPM years at least. Membership forms would be good too, but not really required. Annual society fees and contributions are always welcomed but I don't stress on it too much.

Well, this junior was responding to my email, confirming that he does receive my monthly bulletins. But I could tell from the tone that he wasn't really interested, his main fear being I would ask money or even worse, get him to accept a position and make him do stuff.

The galling thing is he's already working as a lecturer, and of all people should know the importance of having well rounded students.

The spirit of volunteerism is almost non-existent among my fellow SESMA Alumni. And I fear it is because how being quick to do things that are not required to pass exams is considered taboo in my school. Nobody wants to be seen as that pompous ass who helps out the teachers and leads the school teams. Everyone is so afraid to stand out and be their own person.

Why is that?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to my school.....

Hopefully I can get going with this blog. There's so much I want to say but something tells me that 'beleber' is not really popular when you shove the goings 0n of SESMA Alumni via email.

I want them to read the news and information, don't I? So have to make the emails short and sweet. Anything else they want to know they can ask me direct or they can refer to the Alumni website, the Yahoogroups (the main one and all those batches-only ones), a few portals such as the one at or the new one at

One of the seniors called me up to express his appreciation and thanks that I've kept the association going strong and active.

Well, thanks for those encouraging words bro.

But I feel far from satisfies with what I've done. I've achieved little success in galvanizing the ex-students of Sekolah (Menengah) Sains Sultan Mahmud, Kuala Terengganu. School spirit is so lacking, especially among the 90's set. The majority are silent.

What do I hope to achieve? So many I guess.

I want my school, my SESMA to flourish. I want it to produce excellent, rounded students who are not easily cowed by their surroundings. I want them to be adapters, adopters and adaptable....

I don't want 10 1As but 'moyok' juniors.....